Event photo FI@Kasetsart Food Talks 2021 #3

“Extrusion processing and extruded food products”

FI@Kasetsart Food Talks 2021 #3 on “Extrusion processing and extruded food products” 

Organized by Extended Food Innovation City at Kasetsart University

to transfer knowledge of extrusion technology Machines used and overall machine operation including food products obtained from the extrusion process, such as puffed food products 3G food products and artificial meat products 

Lecturer by Dr. Waraporn Prasert, an expert researcher. Production and Processing Department Head of Production and Processing Department Assistant Director of Academic Affairs Institute of Food Research and Development Kasetsart University

Date 13 July 2021

You can watch the retrospective at: 


Promotional poster for FI@Kasetsart Food Talks 2021 #3 event Extrusion processing and extruded food products

 Dr. Waraporn Prasert

Event FI@Kasetsart Food Talks 2021 #3

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