One Stop Service

The one-stop service center connects expert researchers from various units in Kasetsart University and partner agencies to develop and uplift innovative food products and provide efficient service and logistics between organizations throughout the product development cycle as well as enhance the competitiveness of local entrepreneurs for the global stage.
  • One-stop service center for food industry.
  • Develop a new production process and innovative products.
  • Scale production from laboratory to industrial scale.
  • Improve entrepreneurial potential and increase the competitiveness of the food industry.

  • Research and development on food innovation
  • Food Pilot Plant for R&D, scale-up, and OEM (GMP & non-GMP)
  • Advanced Testing and Analysis
  • Knowledge sharing on agricultural and food research and development conducted
  • Rental space for production testing for food processing factory prototype
  • Food Ingredient & Packaging Library
  • Food R&D and Innovation Ecosystem
  • Food industry development focuses on three areas including:

- Novel Food Processing

- Functional Ingredient / Future Food

- Sustainable Packaging

  • Future Food Lab
    (Future Food Lab)
  • Food Ingredient & Packaging Library
    (Food Ingredients & Packaging Library)
  • A space for experimenting with food production from scratch
    (Food Maker Space)
  • Advanced Research for the Food Industry
    (Advanced Research for Food Industry)
  • Advanced Food Test Analysis
    (Testing / Advanced Certified Laboratory)
  • Equipment, tools and facilities at the laboratory level including food model factory
    (R&D / Pilot Plant Facilities)
  • Equipment, tools and facilities of the production of products in small industries
    (Small-scale Manufacturing Facilities)
  • Conducting market and consumer research
    (Market Research: Consumer Research)
  • Intellectual Property Management
    (Intellectual Property Management)
  • Food product registration
    (Product Registration)

Service Platform

Food Innopolis provides services in the form of a Service Platform, which supports the development of food innovations for private companies.
By using a collaborative mechanism from Food Innopolis' food innovation expertise network from both domestic and international are as follows

FI@Kasetsart service platform

Food Innopolis at Kasetsart University (FI@Kasetsart)
(Food Innopolis@Kasetsart) is a service unit in the form of a One-stop service, which provides services in 6 types of services.